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Individual Courses

It frequently happens that one needs only some course modules, not the entire course(s). We provide this flexibility and you can compile your own course program as you wish it. Browse through our offerings and select the course modules that will bring you the most advantages now.

We will start you with a careful planning of the course and after a discussion with you a detailed course sequence is planned. This will include the program, the duration, the detailed depth, the implementation (e.g. workshop), the dates and where the course will take place. All according to your requirements.

Time and place
The seminars or briefings can be held in our centrally situated Training centre or at your premises. They can also be held in the evenings or at the weekends and in German, English or French.
Further training of this type can be carried out very efficiently!
Dates, Prices and References
The dates and fees are determined on a project basis. A list of references is shown on the Our Customers web page. If desired (and after making contact with the respective clients), we can provide detailed reference information.
Training courses offered - Our ranges of courses
If you are missing a course topic, please let us know it. Mostly we can fulfill such wishes.

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