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Check Point

Check Point

In the field of IT security, especially in the Check Point environment, we provide support in various phases:

Design and planning phase

  • Determining the actual security condition (security audits, ...)
  • Determining the actual condition of network traffic (network audits, flow measurements, ...)
  • Security requirement analysis (organisational and technical requirements, adherence to regulations, ...)
  • Network traffic requirement analysis (use of network protocols, bandwidths, ...)
  • Security and network design (placing and sizing of network and security elements, ...) taking into account the greatest possible security and availability (prevention of Single Point of Failure, Clustering, ...) and effectiveness (flow, ...).

Implementation phase

  • Selection and provision of solutions
  • Installation and configuration of the products (Firewalls, other security elements, network elements, ...)
  • Testing the complete solutions.

Operating phase / optimizing

  • Analysis of the operation (security and network audits)
  • SIEM (Security Information und Event Management) (evaluation of the log files, ...)
  • Efficiency optimizing
  • Optimizing the Firewall rules (Placing, ...)
  • Increasing availability
  • Troubleshooting.

Special activities

  • Creation of a Security Policy
  • VPN application (conception, implementation, configuration, administration, ...)
  • Remote Access (IPSec / SSL)
  • Clusters (Conception, implementation, configuration, administration, ...)
  • Security audits (physical security, network security, system security, application security, ...).

OPSEC Featured Solutions

We also develop advanced security functionalities of Check Point systems, based on the OPSEC Software Development Kit (SDK).

Example: Further processing of log information and adaptation to your special needs.

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