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ROMAN - Consulting and Engineering AG offers a wide-ranging series of seminars in the field of Networking and IT security.

Our deep technical knowledge can be imparted either in our modern Training Center in Zurich or seminars can be held on your premises. Many employees of well known companies use these effective and efficient methods to widen their knowledge or to keep up to date with the latest developments. Together with you we develop and carry out training concepts according to your wishes and requirements. The knowledge gained in these practice-oriented courses can be put to immediate use in your company.

Well trained staff is an important factor in the success of a company especially when it is a case of assessing the safety standards in the undertaking. Besides the maintenance of networks and Servers, employees must place greater importance on the safety mechanisms and their organization. Using our company-specific courses, your employees will be in a position to meet these challenges.
Public courses

Our public courses are aimed at individuals with an urge to increase their knowledge in a particular field. These courses can also be used by companies who only wish to advance the training of one or two employees. The courses are held at regular intervals so that they can be attended at a suitable time.

We would be happy to advise you personally on which of the courses are best suited to your needs.

Overview of our public courses
Company courses

With a company training plan, we offer your company the opportunity of raising the general standard of knowledge in the company. The practice-oriented training plan and the pleasant atmosphere ensure a lasting success. Our competent and experienced lecturers will provide you with tips and tested methods for your projects and are also well placed to discuss complex technical issues. Our specialists are at your disposal also after the completion of the courses.

Our, internal company courses begin with careful course planning. After a meeting, we will provide a detailed course sequence according to your wishes. The program, the duration, the type (e.g. workshops), the dates and the venue are arranged to suit your requirements.

Overview of the company courses
Certification courses
The trend in Switzerland is towards certification and the confirmation of quality and knowledge. With our internationally recognized certification seminars, we are the exclusive training partners for market leaders in international training standards.
CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Professional)
The CWNP courses offer an introduction into all important aspects of Wireless Networking as a certified series. Novices as well as experts will profit from the quantity and quality of the information. The CWNP 4-step knowledge concept makes if possible to attain the correct amount of knowledge needed for daily use.
CompTIA courses
Today's complex and networked IT systems make increasingly higher demands on the security managers -from a technical as well as a legal point of view. The new certificate from CompTIA Security, documents the ability of IT professionals to plan and ensure this security in a professional manner.
Further information on the certification courses
Individual Courses
Within the framework of On-Site training, we develop exclusive training programs tailored to your needs and requirements. Our courses consist of training modules in accordance with our seminars program or are specially oriented to your requirements. We are always happy to assist in the compilation of training plans optimized to your needs.
Further information on the VIP courses
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