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Certification courses

The importance of certification and confirmation of quality is constantly on the increase. Proper certification is often a direct requirement for many jobs and projects.

Our certification seminars will efficiently provide you or your staff with recognized certification in the field of IT security. Examples are CISSP, Check Point, NOKIA, CompTIA ...

As an employer, certifications have the following advantages:
  • Your staff possesses up-to-date, comprehensive and practise-oriented Know-How in the IT security field.
  • Peace-of-mind assurance that your employees are adequately qualified for their tasks.
  • Safety-oriented projects can be completed successfully within the budget and on time.
  • The company can successfully initiate and develop new services and activities in the field of IT security.
  • Increase in motivation and satisfaction of your staff.

  Certification for You, as a participant in the courses will have the following advantages:
  • After the course you will have up-to-date, comprehensive and practise-oriented knowledge of the IT security field.
  • After successfully passing the examination you will be in possession of an internationally recognised certification with a high degree of job and marketing value.
  • You will be able to present yourself to customers and employers as a professional IT security specialist with a broad knowledge of your field of expertise.
  • Increase of workplace security.
  • Increase of career possibilities.

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