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Nostromo Web Server Directory Traversal (CVE-2019-16278)
Microsoft Graphics Device Interface Information Disclosure (CVE-2019-0614)
FreeBSD bootpd Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2018-17161)
ClamAV OLE2 Out-of-Bounds Write (CVE-2019-1788)
Microsoft Office Word Security Feature Bypass (CVE-2019-0540)
Microsoft Windows DHCP Client DhcpExtractFullOptions Code Execution (CVE-2019-0697)
wolfSSL DoPreSharedKeys PSK Identity Buffer Overflow (CVE-2019-11873)
Responsive File Manager Directory Traversal (CVE-2018-20792)
Cisco Webex Teams code Injection (CVE-2019-1636)
OMRON CX-One CX-Protocol Type Confusion (CVE-2018-19027)
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