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Anti Hacker Workshop
Duration of course: 2 days
Price CHF: 1'950.00 dkdkdk
Price EUR: 1'619.00
Course dates:
This course is carried out upon request. The course dates, the type of course (e.g. workshop) and the location are arranged to suit your requirements. Please contact us for more information!
This specialist course deals with the method of operation and instruments used by modern hackers. The participants learn the mind-set and working methods of a hacker. In this way they are in a position to understand the individual processing phases of an attack. They learn to judge the threats posed by hackers and to recognize the weak points in company networks.
In particular, the participants learn how to use suitable defence measures against hackers.
Network administrators, system engineers, Security Officers
Content of course:
Introduction into the IT security problems
Processing phases of a hacker attack

Phase 1: Reconnaissance techniques;
Social engineering
Web research
Whois database
DNS reconnaissance
Defence measures

Phase 2: Scanning
Utilization of Ping, Traceroute, ...
Nmap and Nessus use
Defence measures

Phase 3: Obtaining access to the computer:
Buffer overflows
Password attacks (Password guessing, Password cracking
Sniffing and spoofing
Session Hijacking
Netcat application
Defence measures

Phase 4: Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks
Local and remote attacks
SYN flood
Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attacks
Defence measures

Phase 5: Keeping open the access to the computer
Trojan horses
Back doors
Root Kits
Defence measures

Phase 6: Hiding the activities
Manipulation of the Log files
Creating invisible files
Defence measures
Attending the "Networking", and "TCP/IP Protocol" courses or equivalent knowledge.
Please contact us for any queries, we will be happy to be of assistance.
Duration of course:
2 days
Additional information:
The course is carried out as a combination of presentation and workshop. The individual modules are initiated by an introductory presentation. They are then extended by a various "live" demonstrations / exercises.
All participating PCs have an Internet connection, SW analyser (Sniffer or Etherreal), port scanner,


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