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Offensive Wireless Security using << back|track
Duration of course: 5 days
Price CHF: 5'333.00 dkdkdk
Price EUR: 4'426.00
Course dates:
This course is carried out upon request. The course dates, the type of course (e.g. workshop) and the location are arranged to suit your requirements. Please contact us for more information!
Management Summary
The course participants will acquire extensive offensive security skill. They will learn hacking techniques in real-world scenarios. The course material has been developed by the creators of << back|track in cooperation with Dreamlab Technologies Ltd. and does not intend to provide testing methodologies or risk management techniques.
By participating a strongly focused technical training you will acquire a professional understanding as well as the essential practice in current offensive security techniques and the related tool sets. The number of participants per course is limited to a maximum 7 as to ensure efficient know-how transfer and hands-on experience for everybody.

The course is carried out in cooperation with the company Dreamlab Technologies AG (www.dreamlab.ch).

This courses focuses on rather small classes and thus includes a lot of hands-on practices. The participants will get a professional understanding in current offensive security techniques and the related tool sets. It will not provide testing methodologies or risk management techniques.

  • Technical Security Auditors

Dieser Kurs wird als optimale Weiterbildung für OPST Zertifizierte empfohlen.
Content of course:

  • Offensive Security Overview & Background
  • The << back|track Toolset
  • Background, Techniques and Tools related to:
    8)Exploit Construction
    9)Sniffing & Rerouting
    10)Wlan & Bluetooth Security
  • Most sections containing real-world labs
  • Final Test
Experience in IT Security, solid basic knowledge of networks and TCP/IP as well as experience in command line under Linux and Windows is required. A << back|track supported laptop system.
Duration of course:
5 days
Additional information:
Course language:
The course language is usually german. If it is a common wish of participants, the course can be given in English or French (e.g. for company-internal courses.)

The participants receive a comprehensive documentation.

5 days - Monday to Friday 09.00-12.00, 13.00-17.00

Course form:
The course is carried out as a combination of presentation and workshop. The individual modules are initiated by an introductory presentation. They are then extended by a various "live" demonstrations / exercises.

Course fee:
The course fees include the documentation, as well as refreshment during intervals and lunch.

The course can also be carried out as an On-Site course on the premises of your company !


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