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802.1x Port-based Authentication
Duration of course: 2 days
Price CHF: 1'950.00 dkdkdk
Price EUR: 1'619.00
Course dates:
This course is carried out upon request. The course dates, the type of course (e.g. workshop) and the location are arranged to suit your requirements. Please contact us for more information!
Most Networks are well protected against outside threats. The need for proctection of the inner network from unauthorized access often is not as well developed. Visitors or strangers can connect via any network plug or wirelessly to your company network, thus getting full access to all your network ressources.
With 802.1x there is a technology available, that lets you precisely define who is allowed to access parts or all of your network infrastructure. This way, you can avoid giving access to your internal network services to visitors, while at the same time provide them with internet access (wired or wireless). You can also restrict the location where visitors are able to connect.
Especially in the fast growing field of wireless LANs, 802.1x plays a very important role in network security, as 802.1x is part of the WPA / WPA-2 specification.
This course first introduces you to the basics of 802.1x technolgy. The remainder of the course focuses on the techniques for planning and implementing 802.1x in your network.

Network administrators, Security officers
Content of course:
Introduction to 802.1x:
Application range
Basic operation

802.1x Technology:
Basic 802.1x Setup (Roles, Procedure)
EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)
EAP Methods

Wired LAN
Wireless LAN

Participation in the "TCP/IP Protocols" course or equivalent knowledge
Duration of course:
2 days
Additional information:
The course is carried out as a combination of presentation and workshop. The individual modules are initiated by an introductory presentation. They are then extended by a various "live" demonstrations / exercises.
All participating PCs have an Internet connection, SW analyser, port scanner,...

THere are various systems (switches,..) for the labs.

The participants receive comprehensive documentation. The course documentation contains copies of all documents shown in the course. The course fees include this documentation, as well as refreshment during intervals and lunch.

The course can also be carried out on the premises of your company.

Please contact us for more information!


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