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Nokia NSA: Foundation
Duration of course: 2 days
Price CHF: 2'450.00 dkdkdk
Price EUR: 2'034.00
Course dates:
This course is carried out upon request. The course dates, the type of course (e.g. workshop) and the location are arranged to suit your requirements. Please contact us for more information!
NSA: Foundation is a two-day instructor-led course, which introduces security administrators to Nokia IP Security Platforms. The course provides the necessary information and hands-on experience to deploy, manage and maintain the Nokia family of IP security products. Lab exercises enable students to learn operational skills needed to effectively manage Nokia IP Security Platforms.
Systems Administrator, Security Manager and Network Engineer
Content of course:
  • Introduction
  • Products Overview
  • Features of IPSO
  • Lab Design
  • Initial Configuration
  • Introduction to Voyager
  • The system layout
  • Introduction to CLISH
  • Interfaces and the database
  • Auditing
  • Typical system config
  • Static Routes
  • DHCP & PPPoE
  • Firewall 1
  • Diskless Architecture
  • Local Services
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Configuring SSH
  • Configuring SSL Voyager
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Backup & Restore
  • Image Management
  • Package Management
  • Boot Manager
  • User Management
  • Role-Based Administration
  • AAA Concepts
  • Simple HA with VRRP
  • Check Point Clustering
  • Monitoring
  • UNIX Diagnostics
  • Reinstalling the platform
  • Tech Support
Prerequisite for this course is knowledge of:
- Networking
- IT Security
- TCP/IP protocols
Duration of course:
2 days
Additional information:
The course is carried out as a combination of presentation and workshop. The individual modules are initiated by an introductory presentation. They are then extended by a various "live" demonstrations / exercises.

All participating PCs have an Internet connection, SW analyser, port scanner,...

The participants receive comprehensive documentation (original Nokia courseware).

The course fees include this documentation, as well as refreshment during intervals and lunch.

The course can also be carried out as an internal company course.

Please contact us for more information!
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